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Environmental Health


Environmental Health maintains control measures to clear water- and food-borne illnesses. This department offers classes as heat and cold injury prevention, field sanitation, food service sanitation and food handler’s courses and pre-deployment medical threat briefings. A Pest Management Program is integrated through surveillance and pesticide application, controlling the population of mosquitoes, ticks, roaches and other arthropods. 


Provide technical expertise to anticipate, identify, and assess, all environmental health hazards to reducing potential medical threats impacting Soldiers, their families, and DoD civilians.

Health Service Support Areas

Ft. Lee, Ft. AP Hill, Ft. Pickett, Defense Supply Center, Richmond; National Ground Intelligence Center, Charlottesville; and Radford Arsenal, Radford.

Environmental Health Links and Resources

Public Health Command
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Bed Bugs
Food Safety
Cold Injury Prevention 
Upcoming FY 20 Field Sanitation Team Training

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Environmental Health
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7 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Room 117
Soldier Support Center
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