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Health Services

Army Wellness Center

The Army Wellness Center increases human performance through advanced testing technology and health education science. It empowers clients to set their own health goals and achieve them, addressing lifestyle change in areas that affect both short and long-term health. The Army Wellness Center offers six core programs: Health Assessment Review, Physical Fitness, Healthy Nutrition, Stress Management, General Wellness Education and Tobacco Education.

The Fort Gregg-Adams Army Wellness Center provides services to all Service Members and their families (aged 18 and older), Retirees and their spouses, and DoD civilian employees.

All appointments are scheduled by calling 804-734-9925.

Hours of Operation: 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday – Friday

Location: 9205 Mahone Avenue, Fort Gregg-Adams, VA 23801


Body Composition Testing (BodPod): Measures body fat percentage utilizing the Gold Standard of body composition testing, the BodPod. *Walk-in BodPod opportunities available every Friday morning 0730-1130

Metabolic Testing: Analyzes oxygen to determine an individual’s caloric needs to reach goals of weight loss, gain, or maintenance.

Fitness Testing: Measures sub-maximal VO2 testing on either a stationary bike or treadmill with strength and flexibility measurement. Exercise programming is also provided based off results from the calculated heart rate training zones.

• ​Individual Stress Management Training:  Utilizes emWave Biofeedback technology to better understand and control the body's internal responses to physical and external factors through learned stress management techniques.



Health Coaching: A telephonic appointment with a Health Educator to determine goals, overcome potential barriers, and set a plan of action regarding exercise program and prescription, nutrition, sleep hygiene, stress management, and tobacco education.

Classes: An audiovisual class setting reviewing AWC standardized classes:

Upping Your Metabolism: Learn how to properly implement your metabolic testing results into your current lifestyle while also improving metabolism, energy balance, and ability to achieve goals.

Meals in Minutes: Learn the barriers and myths of cooking and healthy eating. We also review simple, budget friendly, and nutritious meal ideas by focusing on meal planning in any setting.

Fueling for Health: Learn to optimize health by developing a better understanding of dietary guidelines and food labels along with the fundamental components of nutrition.

Stress Management: Learn techniques to successfully manage stress as well as receive an introduction to our biofeedback services.

Healthy Sleep Habits: Learn the importance of sleep in relation to performance and receive tips to achieve a restful night.

Staying Fit: Home and Away: Learn the components of a proper exercise session while identifying types of equipment and exercises that can be utilized for home workouts.

ACFT Performance Optimization: Learn effective exercise strategies and proper event techniques to increase ACFT preparation.

As always, your AWC team is prepared to support you in anyway.

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Army Wellness Center

Monday - Friday
7 a.m.  - 4 p.m.
Closed from noon to 1 p.m. for lunch

9205 Mahone Ave.
Fort Gregg-Adams, VA 23801

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